Sunday, May 12, 2013

Update on Bullying

Last Sunday, Ryan and I sat down to figure out exactly what has been going on and when it happened. We don;t want Sean getting bullied, but we don't want the kid to get in trouble for the same incident twice. During our conversation on Sunday, Sean mentioned a few incidences, but when we asked him if they happened before or after his teacher and principal talked to the class, he said before. He didn't (or wouldn't?) tell us of any specific incident that happened since the discussion. So, Ryan and I decided to hold off on talking to the principal again.

Well, as fate would have it, Monday on our way to Kung Fu, Sean mentioned a couple of incidences that happened AFTER the class discussion.... And of course, I had to go into work Tuesday morning.I did go into his class room before work and spoke with his teacher. She is very proactive in these situations, unfortunately, she is not usually around when it happens with Sean, usually at recess time, which is her lunch break. She did speak with the older boys that agreed to keep an eye out on Sean during lunch break and have them check in on him several times throughout the day. She also said she would speak with the ring leader again, and let him know that it is not okay to ostracize someone, or to only chase after 1 kid while playing tag, or knock him out every time as soon as he gets in during a 4 square game. 

I honestly don't know if I am making things better or worse. When we ask Sean how school was, he doesn't answer right away. He seems to be skirting the question and giving half answers.

There are 3 more weeks of class. We are going to finish the year, and start next year. Hopefully over the summer, things will resolve. We are planning on having the kids that Sean was friends with before this other boy decided to convince them to ignore Sean over several times during the Summer.(Apparently  when the ring leader is not around, they play fine with Sean.)

I've been thinking a lot of homeschooling both boys, or moving to the public schools. Both have positives and negatives. Both boys need the social interaction that attending a school provides. Academically, both are thriving in the small classes. Aidan has been extremely difficult and combative with us, so homeschooling him could be a nightmare and do more harm than good at this point.... Sean says he wants to continue at the school he is in.


  1. Tough decisions, Candace. Maybe the trouble maker will not come back next year. Did you think any more about changing grades? Also wonder if Sean doesn't tell you everything because he is worried about changing schools.

    You guys are handling it well! Glad the school is putting older kids on it etc.

  2. You never know, Aidan might thrive on the individual attention given in homeschooling. So hard to say. I really hope things get better for Sean. He is so smart and sweet it's hard to believe anyone would want to be cruel to him.